This is for Ry

There have been times when Ry could have really used something like this. And I’m pretty sure he has seen these before.

But I fear this would just enable him to get stuck further from civilization. Particularly if he was out and about on Superbowl Sunday. He has some history with that date…


10 thoughts on “This is for Ry

  1. Indeed, I’ve wanted them for over a decade. Never owned a vehicle capable of using them, never had the disposable income to buy them.

  2. Interestingly, on my desktop there is no apparent link, no apparently missing link, to the subject matter. I can see it on my iPad no problem though.

    It would be fun, and certainly it would allow you to get stuck in even more remote and difficult locations.

    • I had to turn off the ad blocker and anti tracker in order to see it on the lap top. ipad was good to go, like you noted.

    • Then you lack imagination and easy access to explosives. 🙂

      Why do you think it would “blow it up”?

      • The powertrain of most vehicles was not designed or intended for the torque force necessary for this application.
        You can easily break the drivetrain by chaining up and driving through deep snow….the amount of resistance these treads must overcome CONSTANTLY while these treads are in use is enormous. More than enough to cause a failure in a number of parts from transmission to axle gear to u joints. Ask any dealer if he would warranty a vehicle using such equipment…..and ask them why.

  3. Blow it up as in importing treads from whatever strange/anti-matter universe this video was shot in could result in a massive matter-antimatter explosion, or worse. Just look at the logos on the truck doors and the 4×4 near the tailgate on the ‘sdroF’. These treads come from a place where left and right handed quarks are reversed.

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