4 thoughts on “Hunting with an AR

  1. Hell, my deer rifle (season opens tomorrow!) is an 8″ barreled 300BLK SBR sporting a suppressor! Lightweight, ergonomic, accurate, and relatively quiet. It is basically a 30-30 from a modern platform.

  2. Not that it matters a whit. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It’s about the security of a free state, which stands in direct opposition to the authoritarian state being built in its place.

    That being said; anyone expressing shock or dismay at “military style” arms as opposed to “sporting arms” is in need of an education, or is being intentionally misleading. Most of the arms and ammunition we use in sport have a military background, the Mauser bolt action repeater, the 30-06 Srpingfield and 308 Winchester cartridges, the 1911 pistol and it’s 45 ACP cartridge, to name a few of the more popular ones off of a very long list. Killing a deer is after all very much like killing a communist, as far as the ballistics are concerned, and so a weapon suited to one of these noble tasks is going to be just as well suited to the other.

    • I didn’t suggest that it really had anything to do with the 2nd Amendment. It’s just a common claim among the anti-2nd Amendment crowd. One should take every advantage of an opportunity to point out their ignorance and lies.

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