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Let’s not mince words. People who punish and restrict innocent people are bigots. Much of the language, and many of the actions, by the anti-rights gun-control groups is designed to alienate gun owners from the rest of society. The reason is simple. It is easier for politicians to oppress an alienated minority. Yes, this is government sponsored bigotry.

Rob Morse
November 10, 2014
Government Approved Bigotry Against Firearms Owner

As I have been saying for years.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rob Morse

  1. “It is easier for politicians to oppress an alienated minority.”

    Yes, and it’s easier to defeat a divided country.

    Wasn’t it Brezhnev who said something like “we will defeat you (America) without firing a shot”?

    • I thought it was Kruschev along about the same time as he said “We will bury you.”, ostensibly meaning communism will bury capitalism and the west.

  2. I think that there’s one small problem with trying to oppress this particular “alienated minority”.
    If we don’t want to be oppressed we have an unusually potent modality to convince others to leave us the hell alone.
    And, in this instance, we can say that past performance is particularly indicative of future results.

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