Quote of the day—GOP @GroverOwnedPawn

@Brettsko ihave small testicles and a huge amount of paranoid delusion. Check out my GUN!

GOP @GroverOwnedPawn
Tweeted on October 10, 2014
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a Tweet from Cal A. Feit ‏@tazcat2011.

As I have been telling people of his ilk recently, “Actually, I have the Bill of Rights supported by SCOTUS and you have grade school insults.”—Joe]

Update: A short while after this post went live the following conversation occurred on Twitter:

 Joe Huffman @JoeHuffman

Quote of the day—GOP @GroverOwnedPawn wp.me/p2Yf1R-G3WN – 17 Nov

 GOP @GroverOwnedPawn

@JoeHuffman nobody reads your blog Joe.
02:37 PM – 17 Nov 14

 Joe Huffman @JoeHuffman

@GroverOwnedPawn You should do some research in that. Apparently you have problems distinguishing reality from your wistful thinking. – 17 Nov

 GOP @GroverOwnedPawn

@JoeHuffman ok Joe good luck with that wistful thinking!
02:51 PM – 17 Nov 14

Then sometime before noon he deleted all his Tweets associated with this topic.

My best guess is that the recreational drugs he was using wore off sufficiently such that he caught a glimpse of reality but it’s hard to know for sure. And as Barb and I frequently tell each other, “You are trying to make sense of crazy. You shouldn’t be attempting that. It’s not healthy.”


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—GOP @GroverOwnedPawn

  1. My guess is that, recreational drugs notwithstanding, he’s been fed a narrative that’s taught him to hate certain Americans or certain ways of thinking. He feels better about himself that way. It’s a hypnotic state. He’s the guy in that video with his shoes on the wrong feet, telling everyone else that they’re just too stubborn to understand that having your shoes on with the toes pointing outward is far more comfortable. Recreational drugs don’t, in and of themselves, make a person believe that stuff. The power of suggestion does, and the emotions are the leverage point. NO ONE escapes it fully.

  2. This is why I read your blog almost every day. Grover takes drugs so I don’t have to.

    Much like the question about other men’s underwear in “Blast From the Past” I wonder why grown men are so interested in the size of strange men’s genitalia.

    • People like that just have a few nuts… er, screws loose…. No, that’s not a whole lot better, either…

      How about “They just ain’t wired right.”

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