4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—ramseywiggins (prewar41)

  1. Wow, read the whole thread. This guy’s stupidity AND his opinion of himself run REALLY deep.

    So odd that anti-gun people seem to roll out of bed and immediately start thinking of strange married men’s penises.

    • Denying reality takes a great deal of imagination, practice and effort. Some of us spend our whole lives perfecting the techniques. It is one of the greatest skills of the human race. Some are better at it than others of course, but you have to give him an “A” for effort.

  2. I can’t help but be amused by such a request, because I became initiated into gun rights by reading a book. (“More Guns, Less Crime”), and I became entrenched by reading a whole slew of other books (“Nation of Cowards”, “Armed America” by Clayton Cramer, “Target Switzerland”, “No More Wacos” are a few that come to mind; heck, even trying to read “Every Handgun is Pointed at You” and reading “The Rifle”, although these books are anti-gun, only entrenched me further into the pro-gun camp!

    Somehow I have the feeling that ramseywilliams didn’t have these books in mind when he made that statement…and I have the funny feeling he won’t be willing to read those books, either. (Well, maybe the last two…) He doesn’t strike me as the type to take such analysis seriously.

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