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Democracy allows for criminal code to be passed this way? Not to mention the very abhorrent idea that 51% of the people can lock up the other 49% if they want via ballot initiative.

November 6, 2014
Comment to More on the I-594 Loss
[Direct democracy also allows 50+% to impose oppressive taxes on the 50-% as well. This is why we have the concepts of enumerated powers and inalienable rights written into our constitutions.

The I-594 people do not recognize these concepts.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—TS

  1. Also note the analog from ballot initiatives with marriage rights.

    There was the argument (and it was a quite logical one) that a voting to take something away from a minority was not legitimate soley because it got majority ballot approval.

    And yet go from California to Washinton state and it turns into “the will of the people”

  2. Cali people vote that marriage is between a man and an woman, leaving the domestic partner structure intact, and they get their will overturned by a freewheeling liberal court. “Tyranny by the majority” will not be allowed in Cali, except when it comes to gun owners.

    Now, in WA, democracy–tyranny by the majority–is again inflicted on the politically incorrect. If the court challenge fails, Washington gun owners will be faced with slavery, subterfuge, or outright war with the state. If war, target Bloomberg and Gates as well. they’re responsible for this unconstitutional travesty.

  3. Thankfully we live in a limited constitutional republic, because that democracy bullshit just don’t work out.

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