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This is Election Day.

Excuse me while I go barf, and vote tactically for the candidate who I figure will steal the least of my shit, and beat me with the softest hose.

Geek WithA.45
November 4, 2014
Comment to Weaponizing Government
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Geek WithA.45

  1. As I am typing this it is 8:50 AM Wednesday morning after the 2014 elections and if is raining outside here in N Alabama. This means one of three things:

    1. God is a Democrat and is weeping because the Democrats have lost control of the Senate.

    2. God is a Republican and God is sheeding tears of joy that the Republicans have gained control of the Senate.

    3. God is a Libertarian and he knows that no matter who controls the Senate it won’t make a G** D** difference!

    • Not sure I agree. Republicans are stupid, and don’t care about liberty. Democrats on the other hand, actually seem to hate liberty.

  2. Seen on teh Al Gore’s Interwebs: “Choosing a politician to vote for is like trying to decide which STD I’d like to be infected with.”

  3. All of the above. Sigh. good nationally, much suckage at the state level.
    It looks like 594 is passing, and 591 is failing, and I still have my left-wing congress-critter. Bummer.
    I also came across this gem of a result from poorly written laws. It seems that in Colorado, if the police take your gun for any reason, they can’t easily return it because they usually don’t have an FFL on staff to run the background check on you when they return your own property. So, the guns sit in lockup, and if you don’t have a backup you are defenseless.

    • It appears that the whole state of Washington voted for 591 and against 594, except for the communist controlled cities along the coast.

      It tells us what we knew all along, that the communists want war.

      • Nah, the libs on WSU campus had the kids vote No-591 and Yes-594, my neighbor is a super-lib, walmart hating (though I see his wife shopping there) anti-gunner, had his students and TA all organised to set that up on campus…

    • Sounds like those cops should be hit with a federal rap, felony theft of a firearm.

    • Partially is true for WA Rolf, returning it without a background check, however the WSP and actual LEAs do have access to NLETS/NCIC system. However an interesting point on “Buy backs”, 594 pretty much kills all “no questions asked” LEA sponsored “Buy-backs”, because there can now be no un-checked transfers, every firearm will need to be checked, will they do it, no, will they prosecute, no…

      • That would be fun. Go to the next gun “buy-back” and take pictures for evidence, then sue the government. You wouldn’t win in all likelihood, but it could potentially make for some interesting news stories and sound-bites for future elections.

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