Frequently we will see anti-gun people claim the NRA looks after the “corporate interests” of the gun manufactures. This is despite the fact the manufactures aren’t members of the NRA and have their own lobbying organization that represents them. This is despite the fact that the NRA has about five million individual members. They don’t just don’t seem to understand that there are principles we hold dear and give time and money to the NRA to advocate for those principles.

This belief extends to the politicians that support the Second Amendment. The anti-gun people believe it must be money that motivates politicians. This Brady Campaign video makes that belief more clear than I could ever do with words:

While I don’t have a lot of respect for politicians in general I do believe many of the supporters of Second Amendment understand the principles involved and are comfortable taking a principled stand.

The Brady Campaign and their supporters? If you speak of principles to them they will get a confused look on their face and think you are speaking in some sort of code words. Code words that surely must mean “money.”


5 thoughts on “Principles

  1. They’re projecting their emotional response about all politicians.

    They’re politicians are bought and paid for rubber stamps and they consider all other politicians to be the same.

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  3. Then again, the politicians who take the Constitution seriously (as opposed to something to get around whenever possible) can probably be counted on the thumbs of both hands.
    “There’s nothing in the constitution that says the Federal government has got anything to do with most of the stuff that we do.” — James Clyburn (D-SC)

  4. Case in point from an online comment thread I’m in:

    The NRA’s only job is to oppose any and all regulation on guns so that their benefactors (gun manufacturers) can move as much product as possible. Society be damd.

    The NRA is shrewdly but effectively goes about their business cynically draped in the second amendment.

    You have to think for yourself ,John. To the NRA, you’re just a small blip on an annual spreadsheet.

  5. The Dark Side must at all cost avoid public recognition of basic principles. Otherwise it begins to lose rapidly.

    Understand that and you will understand all of politics.

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