Quote of the day—Dalai Lama

Gun control must take place here. [Tapping his chest to indicate the heart.]

Then real gun control come.

Dalai Lama
October 26, 2014
Gun control: What the Dalai Lama said may surprise you
[I saw hints that he had spoken about gun control a few days ago but wasn’t able to find an actual quote. Now I know why.

He is referring to changes in the hearts of people rather than restrictions on pieces of metal. This not all that different from the NRA and other gun rights groups saying we need to focus on the criminal rather than on the guns.

Here is the other reference to his speech I had seen earlier:

Dalai Lama: U.S. needs to address gun control

The Dalai Lama also talked about the importance of inner beauty and wasn’t afraid to touch on controversial topics like gun control.

I wonder why the one article completely changed the tone of what was actually said. And I wonder if he said even more that was suppressed.

He has mentioned self-defense using guns before so we have a decent idea of his thoughts on the topic. They just aren’t politically correct thoughts.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dalai Lama

  1. Of course his comments aren’t ‘politically correct’. Thus, they don’t fit the lieberal narrative and must be suppressed.

    And, as the joke about the Buddhist monk and the hotdog vendor ends: “All change comes from within.”

      • That’s the first part of the joke.
        The second part is:
        After delivering the hotdog, the hotdog vendor tells the priest: “That’ll be $7.50.”
        The priest gives the guy a $10 note and after a few seconds notices the vendor getting ready to serve another customer and asks “Where’s my change?”


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