A Southerner Repents

Fred’s confession.
Good point, and if I may be so bold, it is right along the lines of what Cliven Bundy tried to say, but stumbled in his inability to articulate and was then pounced upon by all sides. Thomas Sowell said it too, as have many others who never got accused of racism for it.

The truth is a hot-button issue. You have to know what you’re doing when speaking it. It’s not for everyone. Fred can handle it fine.


7 thoughts on “A Southerner Repents

  1. Now -that- is some seriously righteous sarcasm, so thick and dripping you can taste it in the air like hot coffee and fresh bacon in the morning.

  2. If one has integrity and speaks the truth as a part of their very being they will do just fine. The truth is the sharpest of weapons, it should be wielded with savage glee, none can stand in opposition to it and survive.

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