Could the Republican Party be any more ridiculous?

I get several messages from the NRSC and other Republican interests daily. They’ve been “name dropping” Mitt Romney, McCain, Carl Rove, and other flabby, pasty-white, clueless, Progressive/elitist dry-balls, as though THAT were they way to get us pumped-up and writing checks– Trot out the guys who made conservatives stay home in the last two presidential elections. I’ve also gotten a few messages saying I could WIN, get this… a STICKER! That I could PUT on my VEHICLE! (squeeeeee!…count me in! Not).

My question for all of you is; could they appear more ridiculous and impotent if it were their prime directive to do so?

I maintain that they could get more support if they all got together, got stinking drunk on bad liquor, took off their clothes, buggered a herd of sheep on video and put that out as their campaign ads, with “Vote Republican and Bugger the Sheep!” as their main slogan. Unlike what they’ve been saying and doing, that COULD be interpreted as actually meaning something.


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  1. This is why Neil Smith refers to “Socialist Party A and Socialist Party B”.
    Unfortunately, the Tea Party has not been as successful as it should have been, at least not as broadly successful.

    • People often do horrible things to each other over a few thousand, to a few million, dollars. People have killed for a pair of fancy sneakers. What will they do over trillions of dollars, virtual immunity from the laws they make, and a “printing press” that churns out free money without limit, and their own private army?

      No; there is absolutely, positively no political solution to that kind of corruption.

      Now look at the basic, founding tenet of collectivism, that the individual cannot be trusted to make the “right” decisions and therefore needs the coercive hand of government to make it happen. If you cannot be trusted to have any kind of gun to defend yourself, cannot be trusted with all of your income, cannot be trusted to produce, distribute, sell or consume food, energy, drugs, et al, or raise and educate your own kids, build your own house, operate your own land vehicle, run your own business or fly your own plane, without constant government supervision and control, what in the world makes you deaf, blind, dumb and stupid enough to think you’ll be trusted to vote the “right” way?

      That’s a double whammy against our voting our way out of this, either one of which is absolute by itself

  2. Wait. Looking ridiculous and impotent AREN’T in their Prime Directive? Who knew? Am seriously tired of the phone calls all damn day though.

  3. “Looking ridiculous and impotent AREN’T in their Prime Directive? Who knew?”

    Not so fast. I didn’t say it WASN’T their objective. I’m wondering what, if anything, their objective might be. It may very well be, for all I know, to promote Progressivism through the de-moralization and discrediting of capitalists. It would make some sense. What better way, after all, to discourage conservative voters? What better way to de-moralize true Americans (by which I mean those people who understand and embrace the American founding principles of liberty) than to create a political party ostensibly dedicated to those principles, and then have it be ridiculous, impotent, stupid and scandalous?

    Regardless of the Republicans’ openly stated, or secretly desired, objectives, they are serving that role of de-moralization. Ayn Rand spoke of this very thing decades ago in her book Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal. By supposedly being the primary champions of the American Principles, and doing such a pathetic job of it, they are giving the principles themselves a bad name. PERFECT! The left is extremely good at such things, and so it is apparent that Republicans are leftists. Good cop, bad cop– They both want to take you to the same place, and the ruse is designed to seduce you into giving your allegiance to one or the other. Either way you’re cooked.

    Regardless whether it’s intentional or not, the result is the same. I happen to believe that with most Republicans it’s not intentional (which is to say cognitive), but for a few of them it is. The phenomenon can be readily explained by the so-called disease we know as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in which the enemy gets inside your head through trauma causes you to do the enemy’s job for him, essentially. In this global psychological war, Republicans are all casualties of such trauma– They’ve seen “action” and it has planted in them the seeds of distress. They thus carry the enemy around inside of them, they struggle with it, which makes it worse. The stress of it is too much to bear, and so the avoidance kicks in. “Aversion Therapy” has got them averse to standing up on principle, assuming they ever had principles of course. We could also reference Stockholm Syndrome, which is very similar to if not quite identical to PTSD.

    The very idea of standing up. with confidence and faith, for the principles, is so stressful and painful that they’ll do ANYTHING to avoid it. John McCain, with his occasional outbursts of anger, hostility and sarcasm toward conservatives is a perfect example. Democrats, Progressives, jihadists, et al (totalitarians) are no longer the primary enemies. YOU are.

    YOU are the source of their “troubles”. If you would just shut the fuck up, sit down and stay out of sight, stop embarrassing them (and still vote Republican when the time comes), then they would be able to move on and take care of business.

    We all have this problem in some form or another, I might add. The Republican Party is merely a high-profile case compared to yours and mine.

  4. “Vote Republican and Bugger the Sheep!”

    Isn’t that what they are trying to do?

    • Yup. Can’t upset the Progressive apple cart by inserting wrench of American Principles into the works.

      First Progressive American president? Teddy Roosevelt, Republican.

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