Quote of the day—Karagan Knowles

Gun control laws would not affect any citizen who follows the law. No one wants to take away the right every American has to own a gun. But responsible Gun control is needed to keep all of us safe.

Karagan Knowles
October 13, 2014
Opposing Opinions: Gun Control
[Uhhh… wrong. Every. Single. Sentence.

Laws that require me to seek out and pay a FFL to loan my gun to my girlfriend for the week affect me. Laws that ban nearly every gun I own affect me. Laws that require me to pay a $200 tax and wait many months to purchase a hearing protection device not much larger than my thumb affect me.

There are lots of people who want to take away our guns.

Gun control has never been shown to make anyone safer.

Please try again Ms. Knowles. And this time do a little research rather than just making up stuff as you go.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Karagan Knowles

  1. Broad or unrestricted gun rights inhibit the government from fulfilling the responsibility of keeping citizens safe.


  2. “…do a little research rather than just making up stuff as you go.’

    You know the answer to that;
    “I don’t have to do research– I already know what I think.”

    And so it is not a matter of knowledge, or even intelligence, but one of allegiance. Recognize that and you begin to understand, the frustration goes away and things make sense.

  3. Let’s fix it then;

    “Gun control laws would not deter any citizen who breaks the law. Many in the U.S. and elsewhere want to take away the right every American has to own a gun. Gun laws have nothing to do with keeping people safe.”

    Better now. You know you’re dealing with a Progressive, i.e. and agent of the Dark Side, when that person gets practically everything exactly backwards, and Karagan Knowles would appear to be an excellent example.

  4. You guys realize that this article is merely two high school girls setting up a debate style article right?

    The second article hits it just right.
    But both are merely research papers. The gun control one could be written because she was told to write a gun control article.

      • What I meant was that both opinions had the tone of assignments…as in they were told to write opposing opinions.

  5. People who make such statements fall in to one of two categories.
    Either they truly believe what they are saying meaning they are
    basically brain dead and should not be allowed out without a leash
    and a handler…..the quintessential “useful idiot” the left loves so much
    or they are blatant liars. They know they are lying and they don’t care.
    They have an agenda and the truth is irrelevant. Neither type is amenable
    to cure but the first type are not very harmful aside from the fact that they
    enable the evil of the second type to continue. Type two only has one cure.
    A long drop on a short rope.

  6. I do not need to be protected from the law abiding, it is the unlawful that are the problem. So just how are your responsible gun laws going to protect anyone ?

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