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After several well publicized instances of the tiny penis brigade marching through Target stores with their artificial manhood in hand, Target announces that they want you to leave your insecurities and guns at home. Since the total number of people who really want to bring a gun to Target stores is about 11, and all of them are unemployed man-children in Texas, I suspect they won’t miss the business. Hell given the number of weekly gun-fails in the US of A they might save more customers lives in a single year than they lose to the Neanderthal crowd.

Shane Smith
July 3, 2014
Stores behaving well!
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via email from Bob S.

Plus we get bonus insults to our maturity and genealogy. Citation needed on the number of people that carry guns into Target stores (I’ve done it dozens of times) and potential for saved lives considering the increased risk from the suggestion that Target stores become victim disarmament zones.

I wonder if he noticed irony of the maturity comment while making references to “the tiny penis brigade”. I suspect not.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Shane Smith

  1. It’s fascinating to see such levels of doublethink.

    So… carry in Target is such a minor and statistically insignificant event it might not ever happen. While it is *simultaneously* such a gigantic threat that such a ban could save dozens of lives (Greater than 11 a year).

    Also people who would carry in Target are apparently sub-human morons who are also *simultaneously* plugged into the news and Target’s press releases. Otherwise how would they know not to carry? It’s not like Target has put up signage…

    But even if Target did, that puts in another level of doublethink. Apparently Shane thinks the *real* problem, the *real* threat of guns, comes from people who are conscientious enough that they will obey a (often non-binding) sign politely telling them not to carry. Said people he *simultaneously* thinks of as uncouth, rude, sub-humans.

    • That’s a pretty astute analysis. I’m sure it would go right over Shane’s head, and he would justify his statements with another layer of double-think.
      I wonder how many layers he could go before mentally dividing by zero?

      • “I wonder how many layers he could go before mentally dividing by zero?”

        There is no limit. If the conversation lasts long enough, and that may not be very long, all attempts at appearing reasonable are replaced by escallating anger and hostility.

        That is the difference between visions. One is based on reason, with reverence for human life and human rights, and the other is based on pressure and intimitation, with a reverence for control, “order”, for power over other people. Each vision seeks “liberation” from the other.

    • It’s fascinating to see such levels of doublethink.

      It’s frighteningly easy for those with a certain cognitive impairment. When you can’t distinguish truth from fiction, maintaining doublethink to reach the desired conclusion is incredibly simple.

  2. Shane also has another problem with reality.

    Shane apparently thinks that a store that “respectfully requests” but does not intend to enforce anything is a victory for gun control.

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