Quote of the day—Charles Gallagher

There’s a difference between gun culture and hunting culture. They’re talking about hunting in Montana. They’re not talking about walking into a Wal-Mart with a 9-millimeter strapped to their back.

Charles Gallagher
October 10, 2014
Does race shape Americans’ passion for guns?
[Gallagher claims expertise in the field of sociology, race, and guns. I don’t know about his sociology and race credentials but when he talks about “a 9-millimeter strapped to their back” you know he has lots of work to do on the gun side of things.

Other than quoting crap for brains Gallagher in a few places it’s decent article. For CNN to publish this, it’s conclusive proof we are winning.—Joe]


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  1. In my opinion, and based on my history, the gun owning people are broken in to 3 easily distinguished groups. The hunters, the self defense crowd, and the crossovers.
    I have watched gun owners buy hunting lodges surrounding State game lands to isolate themselves and secure “their private” space. I know many great shooters that have never fired at a living thing. I also recognize the crossovers, and in that we are our own worst enemy. There are gun snobs, who ignore accepting the role as teacher and mentor for the crossovers, there are crossovers who ignore the old guard hunters. THIS is our own personal division of power.
    The NRA at 1 million members were strongly a hunting crowd. Florida opening concealed carry laws has educated many 2nd amendment friendly folks and the NRA has grown to 5 million+.
    Now I live in Socialist California, transplanted from gun friendly Pennsylvania. (Or Pennsyltucky) We have to grow unity to have strength, and the Montana hunters and the urban self defense folks must grow to respect one another. THEN we truly win. They must unify on the 2nd amendment and their RIGHT to bear arms.
    I ask my fellow NRA members, How many people have you brought to the range this month, year, lately? I stand at 15 in the last year. (Joe, I know you can probably top that)
    Mentor, educate and train. EVERYDAY!!

  2. In the words of that eminent socialogist, racialist, and gunist – Bugs Bunny – “What a maroon!!!”

  3. “when he talks about “a 9-millimeter strapped to their back” you know he has lots of work to do on the gun side of things.”

    Are you sure about that?
    Kel Tec, Marlin camp carbine, Hi-point comes to mind & I’m pretty sure Mausers were chambered in 9×57 prior to WWII.

    • Maybe he’s talking about having a pistol taped to your back, a la John McClane near the end of Die Hard.

  4. I covered this story yesterday

    He also makes several statements that if black groups open carried like whites do pandemonium would ensue. Of course this bright bulb was either unaware or ignoring the several events where black groups did just that, and NOTHING happened.

    Either way, at best he’s too stupid or lazy to google “Black Open Carry” just to see if he’s full of shit.

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