Quote of the day—Justin Trudeau

In his Thursday morning address to the Canada 2020 conference, he declared himself ardently for “humanitarian” intervention — but scorned any air support for a military effort as just, you know, the Harper boys “trying to whip out [their] CF-18s and show how big they are.”

Justin Trudeau
October 2, 2014
Rex Murphy: Trudeau’s joke about Canadian jets bombing ISIS reveals an unserious mind
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

As Andrew Benghazi suggested in a Facebook message to me, “The ultimate Markley’s Law?”

Perhaps it is. But ultimate implies it cannot be exceeded for all time. We’ll have to wait for the end of time but Andrew just might be correct.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Justin Trudeau

  1. Then again, Trudeau may be right. It’s hard to view the US actions as serious. It’s even harder to view the far smaller actions of our putative allies as serious.
    I’m reminded of the Dutch military and its “peace keeping” activities over the past 40 years or so. It never looked like anything more than politicians playing with their tin soldiers — except that they were flesh and blood conscripts. The soldiers didn’t seem to take it seriously either; it looked like they spent the time sitting around barracks and playing soccer, then running away the moment someone who actually knew anything about warfare showed up. (Look up the history of Srebenica for a classic example.)

    • “We don’t want to actually stop the people trying to kill you. That would involve fighting, and as we all know, fighting is bad (and besides; they might have reasons to want you dead). No; we’ll wait ’till they shoot you or blow your limbs off, and then we’ll give you Band-Aids and clean water, because we all know that good people give other people Band-Aids and clean water, whereas guns and planes and all those icky war thingies are for stupid, sex-obsessed men.”

      Our President and all of his cabinet think pretty much the same way. So what’s new?

  2. Humanitarian intervention, because that will definitely be effective against a group that finds it in its interests to saw the heads off of humanitarian and aid workers.

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