Don’t be evil Google

I had an technical issue with Google Wallet and contacted support. They helped me (and pissed me in the process—but that is a different story) and then asked for feedback on both the service and the product. This is the feedback I gave them on their product:

I generally like the technical aspects of the product and the low fees. However I do not like the terms of use forbidding the sale of firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition. The right to keep and bear arms is a specific enumerated right. It’s no different than the terms of use not allowing the sale of books, movies, anything associated with religion, or abortions. These are all rights protected from infringement by our government. Restricting access to rights such as these is what tyrannical, evil, governments do. Don’t be evil Google.


5 thoughts on “Don’t be evil Google

  1. But the fact that you use their product in spite of their policy means that they don’t care what you think, you are giving them business. They will not care unless it costs them in real terms.

  2. Telling Google not to engage in progressive repression is like telling an alcoholic to put down the bottle, like telling a smoker to put the cigarette out, like telling a gambler not to bet the rent money. THEY JUST CAN’T HELP IT!

  3. I would have left out the abortion part ( I know, when you’re talking to liberals it’s required) because, regardless of your personal feelings about abortion, I think everyone agrees that from a constitutional law perspective Roe v Wade was a horrible decision.


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