Quote of the day—Full Fathom Five (@FullFathomFive1)

[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via One Of Them (‏@tazcat2011).

No data, no logical argument, just insults. It’s the best they have to offer.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Full Fathom Five (@FullFathomFive1)

  1. They don’t need logic; logic would be counter-productive. Their target is not people persuadable by logic. The goal is to keep borderline voters home. You know, the type who was going to vote for freedom, but persuaded himself it was ok to stay home because Romney wasn’t libertarian enough, or because gun rights aren’t cool enough.

    The liberal side needs the single woman vote. Ergo, every gun = penis joke that repulses a potential voter, so she closes the browser instead of thinking more, is a win for Team Totalitarian.

  2. When truth is your enemy, your only tactics involve appeals to emotion. Despite the fact that it makes you look like a fool to most people, it will always work in a certain number of cases. That number becomes greater the more degraded the society. Thus public education and The Great Society programs continue to have their desired effect. This is an all-out psychological war.

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