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From Google Trends:



Other than the obvious peak we see stemming from the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting tragedy we can make some more inferences.

I find it odd there are so many Texas cities (follow the link and scroll down for Austin and Houston) in the top ten for interest in gun control. I have no speculation for that result. Anyone?

We are winning. Look at the level of interest in 2004 to early 2005 range. The lowest level then was greater than anything we have had in the last few months. And the interest from 2004 until December 2012 was steadily declining. We appear to be getting back on track to that decline.

You can see why the anti-gun people dance in the blood of the victims. Their message becomes far more important when there is a mass shooting.

Do you see the decline starting in April 2014 (point A)?

That coincides with Bloomberg’s $50 million push for gun control. Bloomberg may be our enemy. But as enemies go he is one of the easiest to demonize.


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  1. Austin is referred to down here as the “San Francisco” of Texas. Houston, well it’s just a typical metropolis that’s run by the usual Progressive suspects. Liberal cesspool is an appropriate tag. As you would expect, as you get to the suburbs, there is a much different demographic and socio-political outlook.

  2. Don’t forget about Open Carry Texas and all that long gun activism. That would bring up interest.

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  4. All this represents is the number of people searching for the term. This does not indicate how the person feels about gun control, only that they searched for that term. A person in Texas may very well be a lifelong shooter and pro-rights advocate, and still be searching for the term.
    All this indicates is that someone is interested in web articles about the term, but could very well be opposed to it.

    • Agreed.

      But nearly all “gun control” talk means they are on the offense. If they are not on the offense they are either just holding steady or losing. If they are not on the offense we are on the offensive with campus carry, constitutional carry, and getting unconstitutional laws thrown out by the courts.

      If there is little or no “gun control” talk it is strongly correlated with us winning.

  5. The line graph has a “News Headlines” box checked. Does that means it’s tracking media activity? Media activity is nothing but an attempt to create interest (more specifically, to create anti-gun fervor). It would show where the enemy believes it has a leverage point to work with, rather than any sort of genuine up-swell of public interest.

    Anyway, Texas has been a target, because it’s seen generally as a pro-liberty state. To Fundamentally Transform America you have to demoralize the society. If you notice pockets of liberty trying to break out, you have to attack them, and that means media and Bloomberg / Soros-funded activity. That alone would push the numbers up on the graph.

    Is someone simply looking for plausible deniability when it comes to future shenanigans in voting and legislation fraud?

    Is this no more than the tracking of media success in manipulating the public’s attention? They do that of course. Damage assessment. In any case I wouldn’t attach much significance to it.

    Overall, the more the antis yap, the more opportunity we have to highlight the difference between the truth and their lies. In other words, they’ve lost control of the narrative. The enemy is going to have to do something about this goddam first amendment bullshit. It’s a big problem, but they’re working on it.

    If it weren’t for the internet and all the communication options we now have, I think they’d have us pretty well cuffed and stuffed by now, but at the same time you’ll notice how cozy the big high tech players have been with leftists in government.

    • The checked box just means that news stories which contain the same search terms are linked into the graph. These are the points “A, B, C, D…”. Go to the link and it will make more sense.

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