Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry license

I recently got my Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry license. Due to an error by the person taking my picture I ended up getting both the standard license and the enhanced license. Here is what they look like:


As you can see the only difference is the title of the card.

I like the Idaho cards much better than the Washington State cards which are nothing but a piece of thick paper which is easily damaged. Also, the paper is slightly larger than a credit card or drivers license and when you laminate it it doesn’t fit into your wallet very well.

Even so, I still think of the license as the near equivalent of the Yellow Badge or the Pink Triangle. Being required to get a license to exercise a specific enumerated right is just wrong.


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  1. Although I agree that Grown Adults shouldn’t need a “Permission Slip” to exercise the RKBA, I look at it in another way. If the Nanny State thinks it can control its Citizens, by using their own Edicts against them, each “Permission Slip” has put “Out on the Streets” an Armed Citizen. Each with the Power to Defend oneself against Evil, and if necessary, a “Minimum Tool” to be used AGAINST a Tyrannical Government.

    Resistance Movements around the world have used Handguns to Great Effect, and they worked because they HAD a Gun.

    Why else do you think that the Political Elites who control such places as New York, Kalifornia, D.C., Chicago, etc. are Deathly Afraid of Armed Citizens THAT THEY CANNOT CONTROL moving amongst them?

    You also might want to look into getting an Arizona CHP. They have probably the Easiest Standards to get one, and they are more than willing to Issue them to Non-Residents, all WITHOUT a Picture Attached. In fact, Arizona passed a Law PROHIBITING Pictures being placed on the License. And the Reciprocity is about as good as it gets. Cheap also. Look into it.

    • I have Arizona, Idaho, Utah, and Washington permits. I have made half-hearted efforts to get my Oregon permit.

      • Joe, Oregon classes are at the Renton Fish and Game range from time to time. Call Glenn for a schedule.

    • You know, if I HAVE to get a Civil Rights Permission Card, I would prefer to have one that gets printed up the same way (probably by teh same people, honestly) as a drivier’s license. It has a photo, tamper resistant features and can therefore doesn;t need to be carried with a second form of government ID (unlike my Virginia permit). And, as you say, wallets are already designed for things the size of the stadard ID card/driver’s license format. . .

    • I need to get a NH one at some point, if nothing else so I’ll know what one looks like. That too is easy, for residents and non-residents. The form is on-line. The law explicitly prohibits anyone making up additional requirements; I think either photographs and/or fingerprints are mentioned as specific examples of prohibited embellishments.

  2. They updated the cpl cards here in WA, they are slightly smaller, laminated, and fit in your wallet ok now.

    • Great! When did that happen? Mine doesn’t expire until early 2018 so I’ll just have to suffer through for another 3+ years.

  3. When new permitees confide their status, I congratulate them on having the government’s permission to exercise that right. They always get the point.

  4. Congrats, Joe. I recently moved to Idaho and am about to start the permit process. In my previous state it took about 3 months from the time I applied to actually having my permit. How long did it take for you, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • I took the class July 13th. I applied at the Latah County Sherriff’s office July 14th. I received a letter saying to come in an get my picture taken and get my temporary license about two or three weeks later. Since they are only open for this on week days I had to take a day of vacation and I combined it with taking delivery of the Ammonium nitrate for Boomershoot on September 8th. I got my permanent license via snail mail about 10 days after that.

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