Ghost gun in production

Someone on the gun email list at work sent this out last week:


It’s a real live ghost gun. Apparently there was a limited run of these to mock the anti-gun people upset about people being “allowed” to make their own guns.

Mocking the anti-gun people. It’s what we do. It’s for the children.


7 thoughts on “Ghost gun in production

    • That’s part of the nozzle that’s screwed to the muzzle. You turn it to select various spray patterns. Now you’re spraying and praying with your ghost gun. Does that make it a Holy Ghost gun?

        • Sorry. Just trying to clear things up for the media, so when they report on guns they’ll have more advanced technical and spiritual background information. In spite of the shortcomings of their education they can still write and speak like pros, so long as they stay tuned to this blog for all the latest developments.

  1. I’m reminded of Arne Boberg, who uses a “magazine clip” in the XR45, called that mostly to tweak the ignorant gun grabbers. (But there is a technical reason: it’s a magazine that incorporates a clip, which holds the case rim to keep the cases towards the rear of the magazine which the action requires.)

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