Quote of the day—Gary Kleck

By definition, it is logically impossible to commit a firearm homicide or firearm suicide without using a firearm. Even if the availability of guns had no bearing on whether they were used in homicides, you’d expect a significant positive association between guns per capita and rates of gun-related deaths.

Gary Kleck
University of Florida Criminologist
September 18, 2014
Do guns make us safer?
[This is why gun owner rights advocates talk about violent crime instead of “gun deaths”. We are concerned with violent crime and how to make people safer.

And this is why the anti-rights people insist on talking about only about deaths that involve guns. And that is why they include suicide and justifiable homicide. It is only by coming up with misleading statistics that they can arrive at numbers that seem to justify their anti-rights agenda.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gary Kleck

  1. As the recent case in NY showed, it is quite possible to “commit” murder without a gun. NYC finest emptied their guns at a mentally ill man. The target was then charged with murder for carnage among the bystanders.

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