ChiefJayBob sent Barb and I matching shirts.

Barb’s came with instructions. There was something in the instructions about wearing or not wearing them at the same time and being dorks. I don’t read so good and couldn’t really understand it that well.

Anyway, we appreciate receiving them and put them on this morning.

Here are the pictures:


Update: In the comments ChiefJayBob said something about not in public and the rules that came with the shirt. Barb and I studied the comment for a bit and if we understood things correctly we needed a picture in public. So we went to the local grocery store and took another picture:


Barb also studied one of his other comments about the shirts. He said something about wearing it when going to bars. I don’t really drink so going to bars isn’t something I have an interest in doing. But Barb said having a “Fire and Rescue” shirt is awesome for picking up chicks in a bar and says she will totally wear it when she goes to the bars. I don’t really understand this. Maybe people help you catch them if they think you are going to rescue them.

And I’m not sure I understand why there would be chicks at a bar. Sure, some bars serve chicken-wings but I’ve never heard of chicks in a bar. Are they attracted to leftover malted barley or something? I don’t really think there is a place to raise them at her house anyway. And chickens are very messy animals to have around. I wouldn’t really want them if I had to take care of them. She just going to have to demonstrate what she wants to do with these chicks she is going to pick up.


5 thoughts on “Dorks

  1. You don’t appear to be in public, so it’s allowed under the rules.
    Glad you both enjoy them!

  2. I usually don’t pay much attention to such rules, as I consider the attempt to disguise myself as not-a-dork to be futile.

  3. Update: two important points here. Now, you’re viewed by other public safety professionals as, “fisties.” This is not a term of endearment.

    As for the picking up of chicks, I can assure you that, after 23 years of trying, the damn shirts don’t work. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the wearer. Carry on.

  4. The third picture on top: Is that some kind of Crips or MS13 sign? :p The hat in the bottom pic gives you a Jean Luc playing a noir detective in the holodeck look.

  5. I mail-ordered some recently hatched turkeys once, so I went to the Post Office and told them I was there in an attempt to pick up chicks. I ended up taking around a dozen of them home with me that night. Tending to their needs was a lot of work, I might add. I and my son traded off in the responsibilities and so, together, were able to keep it up for several months.

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