3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Peggy Jones Coquet

  1. Ignore the principles. Attack the messengers. Portray strength as weakness, courage as cowardice, liberty as slavery, freedom as oppression, property rights as theft, theft as justice, right as wrong, and good as evil.

    Regarding the Progressive meme “attacking the terrorists only creates more terrorists”; you’d think they’d be careful to avoid insulting people with whom they disagree. Attacking libertarians will only create more libertarians, no?

    By their own standard then, they should shut the fuck up– The only way for them to deal with us gun owners is to never, ever talk about us in a disparaging way, give us free money, import more gun owners into the country, bring more gun owners into government positions and turn NASA into a gun owner outreach program. If someone ever uses a gun to threaten or harm another, they’ll have to find a way to blame an anti gunner’s Youtube video, etc., for inciting it.

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