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Gun control supporters would like nothing more than for gun owners to think that resistance to the anti-gunners bottomless pocketbooks is futile. But, we know that no matter how much money the anti-gunners spend, they can’t buy our freedom, because it’s not for sale. Let the anti-gun billionaires know that by Voting Freedom First on November 4.

September 12, 2014
Harvard: Millions of Dollars More For Gun Control
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—NRA-ILA

  1. That article about Harvard is interesting. It basically means that China is sponsoring the disarmament of Americans. This is a fact worth publicizing.

  2. “Bloomberg, the Washington Post reported, also ‘has committed to spending $50 million of his personal fortune this year to build a national grass-roots movement that will pressure lawmakers to pass more restrictive gun laws.’”
    Which the Washington Post allowed to pass without comment. Had it been, instead, someone spending $50 million of his personal fortune to build a national grass-roots movement to pressure lawmakers to “preserve traditional marriage”. the newspaper would have pointed out that if the grassroots movement has to be created by someone, it isn’t a grassroots movement.

  3. Kind of Hypocritical of the Left, isn’t it? I mean, the Modern Democommie Party is trying to get the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling regarding Big Money in Campaigns trashed, because “Billionaires are BUYING Elections!”

    Yet they seem to have No Problem using Liberal Billionaires Cash to try and Squash Political Freedom that THEY don’t like.

    • Not really, since they love the guideline that it’s only bad when somebody else is doing it.

  4. And what does that money actually buy you?

    There’s the obviously tangible stuff that EVERYBODY does. TV spots, print ads, mailings etc. That stuff does get the message out, but it also fits into a mental spam filter. Back when I watched TV I would rarely watch the ads. Now that I mostly watch videos on the internet I do something else until my content starts playing. Same with listening to the radio. I’m generally doing other things when the radio is on, and if it’s an ad spot I tune it out. Actually a few companies have started producing ads where a fake talk show host is reading news about some amazing new product, and even taking calls from satisfied customers. Cool trick, and it shows that many people are looking for content, not ads.

    So what about content? Well groups like the NRA and affiliate groups can give calls out for people to make calls, and attend protests, rallies, and conventions. Most people don’t, but if you have a big enough following, a non-trivial number of people will show up for only the cost of getting the word out. For email and website posts that cost is approaching zero.

    Meanwhile Bloomberg has to PAY for people to make calls, attend rallies and send letters. Now I’m sure there are a handful of true believers who work on their own nickle, but we know Shannon Watts didn’t go to the Indianapolis NRA Annual meeting for free, and certainly those dudes in black suits with the guns weren’t running a security perimeter for free.

    And in the end what has Bloomberg seen for however many millions he’s thrown at this? A bunch of companies have put out non-binding press releases about guns in their stores, and there have been a few print and TV stories.

    Yeah they CAN throw money at an issue, and it WILL make a difference, but the cost effectiveness of doing so is VERY low.

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