For chiefjaybob


Because he sent this shirt to me, I took a long time to thank him for it, and he said, “THAT’S NOT THE SHIRT I SENT YOU!!!!!!1!!1!!!!”.


8 thoughts on “For chiefjaybob

  1. A dramatic and striking image! Barb is right: much too nice to wear for work. I think she may need one…..

    • Actually, I feel like a poser when wearing the shirt so I haven’t worn it in public yet.

      When Barb gets hers I think she has plans to change that.

      • There are rules included with Barb’s shirt. Make sure you both follow them.
        It is completely acceptable to wear FD shirts even if you are not necessarily a member. In, fact, this is a common practice: wear another department’s shirt when you’re out drinking. When you get loud and obnoxious, the bartender will call Podunk FD and complain. When the bartender describes or names you, the chief will say, “We have no such person here!” It’s a perfect hell-raising plan.

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