Quote of the day—I-84

The open carry crowd. Their guns have more bullets in them than they have IQ points. They consistently demonstrate that they need a gun to walk out into public places. Frightened, scared and cowardly they parade their failings for all to see. What’s next? Open carry their penises to prove they have one?

June 17, 2014
Comment to Gun-control, open-carry supporters stage dueling demonstrations one week after Reynolds shooting
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—I-84

  1. Generally people with IQs of 6-50 are so disabled they aren’t really capable of being in society unsupervised.

    Kinda interesting that this shining star didn’t really put much thought to their little name calling.

    People doing such elementary-school style name-calling tend to have every other faculty about the same level.

  2. Are the guys in San Fran still fighting to bare their penises in public, or have they finally given up? And San Fran nudists are all total right-wing gun nuts. Said no one ever.

  3. It’s telling that certain segments of the population are afraid of penises and weapons. Maybe if they were exposed (sorry) to them and knew how they worked, they wouldn’t be so afraid.

    Look, I’m trying to help here…

  4. There seems to be more blatant hate and vitriol directed toward honest, peaceable American patriots (advocates of human rights) than toward violent criminals and enemies of America.

    “Frightened, scared and cowardly they parade their failings for all to see.”

    Aside from the redundancy, “frightened AND scared”, that’s essentially what we’ve been saying about the antis.

    There is a curious and stupid tendency in certain circles to refer to anything they don’t like as “cowardly”. In this case, purposefully exposing one’s self to possible backlash and harsh criticism, and even to dangerous actions by foolish police, by open carrying doesn’t quite fit in the “cowardly” category. Someone needs a dictionary. Cowardly would be doing what the antis want, which is to stay home and shut up, remaining unseen and unheard for fear of being yelled at (or much worse) by leftists.

  5. Dear I-84 I am more than willing to come by and split your skull to see if you possess a brain. That prognosis is doubtful.

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