The definition of irony

The University of Idaho vehemently opposed respecting the Bill of Rights and the Idaho State Constitution in regards to firearms. The legislature finally told them to suck it up and face reality. They have reluctantly entered the 21st Century screaming and yelling and they still don’t like it and they are doing whatever they can to make sure the students know they don’t like it.

The fall semester just started which is the first semester since the law went into effect on July 1 of this year. One professor, Dan Hickman, put the following into the syllabus for one of his classes:

The University of Idaho bans firearms from its property with only limited exceptions. One exception applies to persons who hold a valid Idaho enhanced concealed carry license, provided those firearms remain concealed at all times. If an enhanced concealed carry license holder’s firearm is displayed, other than in necessary self‐defense, it is a violation of University policy. Please contact local law enforcement (call 911) to report firearms on University property.

Apparently he wants to ostracize people who go through several hours of training and a FBI background check in order to exercise a specific enumerated constitutional right.

Daughter Kim sent me this picture from the Memorial Gym, the same location as the ROTC gun range:


They create a victim disarmament  zone and then declare it a “Designated Safe Zone”?

And, as Kim pointed out:

It also bothered me that the only sign I saw in memorial gym was that one on the door to the women’s center which is supposed to be about women empowerment.

Irony. Find your definition here.


10 thoughts on “The definition of irony

  1. That’s because guns are a tool of the patriarchy, and phallic.
    They have no place in women’s centers…
    Just had to slip that in there… The comment, I mean.

    • … and here I was, thinking that English was your second language.

      Bravo, sir, bravo.

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  3. There’s no irony or hypocrisy there at all if you understand the communist definition of “Empowerment”. Like everything else touched by Progressivism, “Empowerment” has been utterly corrupted and turned into a mockery.

    Similar to “Organized”, being “Empowered” means being a tool and faithful servant of the socialist juggernaut. In return, you are expected to believe you will be taken care of and protected by said juggernaut. It is your “Right” to receive such care and protection from government, which will “Liberate” you from all care, fear, want and responsibility. Give yourself over to the coercive/socialist machine (sorry; the glorious system of light, justice and freedom) and in so doing you will in fact find your only chance at Salvation.

    And YOU stinking tea-tards want to take all that away, simply out of hate, stupidity, greed and blood lust.

    And so, women’s “Empowerment” is taking people down the same road as “Black Power”– dependency, unrest, dysfunction, AND total dedication to The Cause, The Struggle, or whatever else you want to call the slow communist revolution they like to call Progressivism.

    In short, it is GROUP empowerment as directly opposed to, contradictory to and destructive of individual empowerment. And as always, the group really means only the leaders of the group– The leaders are empowered at the expense of everyone else. Or as Ayn Rand put it; a minuscule clique of rulers live in opulence while everyone else lives in wrenching poverty and fear. THATS “Empowerment”.

  4. Does that “safe zone” sign mean that the University has made the law not apply there? If so, are they going to get away with that?

    • The law allows for banning firearms in buildings (rooms?) that can hold a 1000 or more people. The spectator section of the gym qualifies.

      • That makes sense– If a mass shooter tried to enter one these 1000+ facilities, he’d bounce off of the “No Guns” sign, which would force him to find somewhere else to commit murder. The physical laws of nature are fascinating that way. Too bad Einstein is no longer with us, because I’d like to ask him how or whether that law of physics applies when the murderer can’t read.

        • I read about that in a physics book years ago. Something about a gun and a “no guns” sign being unable to occupy the same space at the same time. That’s what I recall, anyway. Can someone clarify?

  5. A more polite sign would read “Sure we’re all disarmed, but thank you for not murdering us” (and we all know that murderers respond to politeness). A spoon full of sugar, you know. And besides; the focus on guns alone is a bit odd. I mean, there are no “no poison gas” signs for example, or “no high explosives” signs, so apparently poison gas, high explosives, et al are considered by some to be acceptable means of mass murder on campus. Just don’t do it with a gun or we’ll be very upset. “Thank you for not murdering us” on the other hand, covers all the bases, you see.

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