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Nor would it be different if “mothers” were suddenly put in charge.  I feel vicarious resentment of that claim because if I were a man with children, I’d really like to know just what in the hell makes Sally Field think women love their children more than men do.  Human nature is what it is, and we will fight over shit until we go extinct.  Even if the best mother EVER was Queen of the Planet, someone somewhere would still need to have their ass kicked, and she’d have to send somebody’s child to do it.

Rachel Lucas
September 17, 2007
If mothers ruled the world, there’d be no goddamn….lots of things
[H/T to Erik Onstott for the Facebook comment.

Continuing the almost theme from last week. It gives us more clarity on the issue.—Joe]


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  1. This sort of thing is part of a decades old war on men. If women being “in charge” would make the world a better place it means by extension that men are responsible for all the evils of the world. “Social Justice” then would demand wholesale punishment of all men.

    But if men are inherently evil mere punishment for past misdeeds would not be nearly enough. Men would need to be perpetually suppressed for the sake of peace and prosperity. See where this is aimed? Reverse the roles of the most oppressive-against-women society ever. Keep men out of sight and out of all decision making and so on. We see the same trend in race relations too, which of course means that being a white man today makes you a target of every group identity movement ever.

    I’m beginning to see all of this as one of the many, on-going sort of Fast & Furious scams. If everything about Judeo/Christian civilization is NOT as evil, corrupt, and worthy of looting as the communists, criminals and general freeloaders have been saying it is, then you try to MAKE IT SO, and you’d do that by poking it in the eye, pointing fingers of blame, lying about it, amplifying all the flaws you can, and ignoring all the good. You pit the copers against the non copers, and you make and recruit as many non copers as possible, and eventually those pulling the wagon are going to get pissed off about it and become the angry, violent, hateful scum you always said they were. Taking all their stuff and killing them then becomes not only justified, but required. It’s pretty simple, really.

    Now I’ll give you something else to talk about; The extent that men are responsible for the ills of the world lies in our failure to set good examples, stand firm on principles come what may, and to correct the women in our lives.

  2. “Even if the best mother EVER was Queen of the Planet, someone somewhere would still need to have their ass kicked, and she’d have to send somebody’s child to do it.”
    Yep, because sometimes a cross look and some subtle put-down won’t be enough to make the other woman leader go home all crushed. Not in the real world.

    As for what Lyle said, I can’t find the quote, but it was something attributed to Hitler about how what woman would accept her husband doing things she did not find acceptable; he has to go home and face his wife. Something to consider when discussing Jews in the Attic and how saintly the German women were through the whole monstrous mess.

    • And is Sally Field really saying that the reason for the everlasting popularity of women saying to men, “Let’s you and him fight” is because women don’t run the world more?
      As the song from Guys n Dolls says, “Call it hell, call it heaven. But it’s probable twelve to seven. That the guy’s only doing it for some doll.”

      • And there’s the tune, “Ladies Love Outlaws”. For every psychopathic killer/gang leader there are women who want to be his top bitch. For every second and third tier gangster there are their women egging them on to become number One. Notorious murderers often have gotten marriage proposals while in prison. When the German Army invaded Holland (and probably everywhere else) there were local women, those among the conquered, who would seek out the handsome conquerors and attempt to hook up with them. Gotta seek out the alpha males and win their protection. No; if a world “run by men” (though it never has been) is bad enough, it would be at least as bad if “run by women”, and I’m hypothesizing that it would be a hundred times worse.

        • Well, we already have what’s known as a “patrilocal matriarchy”, where the women run things by latching onto a powerful man.
          Whatever we had before, at least it treated male sexual energy as gasoline in an internal combustion engine, motivating him to work hard to provide for and protect his family. A matriarchy, where it is irregular to ask who the father of a child is, and a woman’s brothers fulfill the father role, treats male sexual energy as blackpowder firecrackers at a Fourth of July or Guy Fawkes or Chinese New Year’s celebration. Lots of noise, sometimes some injuries, but all that energy used for heat, light, smoke and noise when it can be used to do real work and produce constructive results.

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