Three counties in Idaho make the list

According to this article three of the top thirty counties in the country for homes that have guns are in Idaho. Nez Perce County (Lewiston is the county seat) is number three with 59.0% of the households having guns. They were edged out by Fairbanks borough, AK and Tooele County, UT both with 59.1% (I want a recount!). I don’t consider it home but I do own a little land in that county and drive through parts of the county whenever I go to the Boomershoot site.

Nez Perce County is home to CCI and Speer which are some of the area’s largest employers so those workers probably contributed a far amount to the gun ownership in the area. Another thing that probably influences the ownership in the area is the good hunting. Hunting is a very popular activity there.


6 thoughts on “Three counties in Idaho make the list

  1. Since there is no registration, and the “scofflaws” in the unfree parts of the states are not talking, and the actual criminals in Chicago, etc, aren’t being asked…….how exactly do they determine which households have guns?

    And I am both proud as can be and disappointed at the same time.

    My home state has the most and my adopted state has none.

    • Indeed. The article points to another web site as the source, and that source has no explanation whatsoever where those numbers came from. For all we can tell, they are random numbers pulled out of air.

      There certainly is no reason to believe those numbers have any connection to reality. For example, consider that some of the “top counties” are in Vermont. Remember “Vermont carry”? There is NO way for anyone to justify those numbers. There isn’t any data for Vermont. Nor for NH, for that matter, partly because only concealed carry requires a permit here and partly because the state must by law treat registration information as confidential and, surprisingly enough, actually complies with that law.

  2. I’ve estimated firearms in the homes of 1/3+ in my small town (~14000). Being that I’m the mailman, see what people get, plus conversations, is how I SWAG’d it. Also estimated 4+ per household that has them. And I thought that was a lot…guess I’d better do my part to ooch that average up, huh?

  3. I’d have guessed higher, but meh… nearly 60% is a good start. Pretty sad though, that it’s already down to 42% by the time you get to #30 (out of more than 3,000). I wonder what the lowest official rate is? And how much different the actual number is from the “official” number.

    • The actual number is far higher.

      Progressives love counting things and putting people into groups, and they don’t try to count things unless they figure on controlling them. People instinctively understand that, and so they’re going to give out false information (false negatives for the most part) or decline the question altogether, so the results would tend to show not necessarily the number of guns but rather the number of people who feel comfortable answering in the positive. That would definitely favor Idaho, and certainly Alaska, regardless of actual numbers. I know for sure of swaths of North Idaho where the majority of people asked would either refuse to answer or lie.

      The fact is that the number of guns here or there is the business of those who own them and no one else. With enough naivety and wishful thinking one COULD rationalize it as a legitimate sort of national security/readiness survey, but those days (of any legitimacy) are long gone.

  4. “Louisiana has a 2nd Amendment sales tax holiday, a weekend in which firearms, ammunition and, I believe, hunting supplies are tax free,” the user wrote. “As a former resident of Louisiana and gun owner I’m not surprised by the numbers, though I figured northern Louisiana would be better armed than the southern half of the state.”

    New Hampshire has one of those too, it’s called everyday.

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