Quote of the day—Ira F.

The ‘gun rights’ advocates are on the wrong side of science and the wrong side of history. Societies that take away all but true hunting rifles have proven the point of those who say that hand guns and anything that approaches an automatic weapon are inherently dangerous and should be banned. Making the case for self-defense when a person’s handgun is many times more likely to kill someone that person knows than protect him/her from a felon is like making the case for creationism by citing the Bible. Those who opposed gay rights are learning their lesson. Those who opposed the decriminalization of marijuana are learning their lesson. And we’re coming for the guns. They are absolutely correct. WE ARE COMING FOR THEIR GUNS.

Ira F.
May 26, 2014
Comment to Senate Democrat Calls For Bringing Back Gun Control Bills
[Aside from the obvious disconnects from the facts Ira is another example to use when someone tries to tell you the lie, “No one wants to take your guns.”—Joe]


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  1. He notes that we’re on the “wrong side of science.”

    He is advocating to make people less able to defend themselves. Which other species has this worked for?

    Do we declaw outdoor cats to make them safer?
    Do we take fangs or claws away from endangered species so they might be better able to survive?

    • Plus looks like he’s ignoring the declining violent crime rate with the growing number of armed people and people with concealed carry permit.

      Also sounds like he’s citing Kellermann, which is pure-and-simple junk-science used to push an agenda.

      “Wrong Side of Science”…more like we’re on the wrong side of his hand-picked junk-science agenda.

      • The “science” he believes in is more likely Marx or “Progressivism”.

  2. Hey Ira…

    I’m waiting. For you.

    Oh yeah, now I understand the the “we” actually refers to the poor saps in the police forces you’ll send off on these fools errands.

    Pinko piece of shit.

    Jeff B.

  3. What does Ira classify as a “true hunting rifle?” Our Boomershoot rigs? Which for me is actually poorly suited to hunting, even though it looks like “Grandpa’s deer rifle.” Obviously not my AR, lord no, even though it was specced and purpose-built as a deer rifle.

    Ira is a moron. Ira is wrong. The compassionate part of me hopes that when Ira learns the painful lessons about individual liberty and government monopolies on force, it doesn’t hurt too badly.

    • Screw compassion.
      As someone said (I think on WRSA) a month or so ago,
      “Purge whatever merciful intentions you may have towards such tyrants.”

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  5. The notion that your handgun is more likely to kill someone you know than to kill a felon is also a specious argument. It’s my understanding that most attacks on women are bu someone that they know,

    • Most murders are done by “acquaintances” — which government broadly defines to include people who are both involved in gang warfare or drug trafficking.

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  7. What he and TWANLOC don’t seem to be able to figure out is that when the season is opened on us by them and theirs, the unintended consequences will NOT be to their liking.

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