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  1. That, and after the notorious LA bank robbery some of us were criticizing the police for not being well enough armed. Word is they had to go to local gun stores to get rifles.

  2. They did and you mean the North Hollywood* bank robbery. They went to my then local gun store, B&B gun sales to get some AR15s. B&B is no longer in business thanks in part to the local political climate.

    *To be fair, North Hollywood is in the city of LA.

    • IIRC, some local and state level politicals tried to bring charges against that gun store for arming the cops with AR’s and some auto shotguns (11-87’s?). After the incident, several of the cops bought the rifles they used.

      Some were auctioned at the next SOF yearly 3-gun match and dinner, with proceeds going toward a fund for police officer dependents connected with that shootout. I’m a bit fuzzy on those details, sorry.

  3. Interesting that the Anti-Rights cult is complaining about the military arms in the hands of peace officers.

    Why can cops buy surplus military hardware?

    Maybe because every gun control law EXEMPTS the police.

    This is the doing of the anti-gun people, not the pro-gun people.

    • It’s because it has been a federal government policy for some years now to give surplus military gear to police departments. So it isn’t that they can buy what we can’t — it is that they are GIVEN things we the taxpayers paid for.
      It’s a good thing that the liberals are getting a belated case of remorse about this. Quite a number of years late and for the wrong reason, but I’ll take it anyway.

      • Paul — the fact is that, it would be illegal for the DoD to give those arms to the police, were it not for the fact that the police are generally exempted from gun laws — such as the machinegun registration freeze of 922(o).

  4. Those who think the militarization of law enforcement is something that has been ignored by gun rights advocates have been using their imaginations rather than their memories, to quote Humphrey Bogart in one of his later movies.
    It’s always useful to the anti-rights crowd to pretend that the pro-rights crowd are venial, inconsistent, and, at the correct moments in the narrative, blindly supportive of big business and powerful police forces.

  5. But then we were paranoid conspiracy theorists who hate the police and the rule of law.

    Of course according to them we’re still paranoid conspiracy theorists who hate the police and the rule of law but now it’s ‘different’ when they complain about the same things.

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