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An Israeli sniper once confided to me an IDF counter-terrorist doctrine called: “Shoot the women first.” Because the female terrorist will rarely surrender, preferring an apocalyptic ending.

Robert J. Avrech
August 28, 2014
Three Essential Films About Terrorism
[In Solzhenitsyn’s book The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation (Volume Three) he talked about something related. During a slave camp rebellion the rebels positioned women rebels on the front lines with the men. This, he said, was because not only were the women just as willing to fight but also the men were braver and fought harder when a woman was present.

I wonder about U.S. law enforcement sniper doctrine. There is the Ruby Ridge incident to consider. Vicki Weaver was known to be the leader of the family. Even though she was holding a baby in her arms and not an immediate threat to anyone she was shot in the head by the FBI sniper.

This may have implications in future confrontations.—Joe]


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  1. When I was involved in minor security during a bigwig conference in the 80’s involving high level politicians and intel types….as in, we were told that some of these guys are on lists…somewhere…..

    We junior sailors were chauffeuring minor “bigwigs” around Norfolk. I got lucky and got some Canadians. They liked to give out booze.

    We were told to forcibly ignore our western/US training to respect women…that the women were the deadly threat. They were trained by the Soviets to take advantage of the western chivalrous mindset.

    That said…I don’t think that applied to Ruby Ridge.

  2. Women are just as capable of being violent as any man…..if motivated properly.
    And I have no doubt the IDF people know their enemy well and act accordingly.

    At Ruby Ridge criminal Horiuchi fired INDISCRIMINATELY…..he did not know WHO was behind the door that he put that round through. It happened to be Vicki Weaver but it could just as easily have been anyone else including a child….if the child hadn’t already been killed by US Marshalls. I doubt that FBI trigger pullers are anywhere near as selective and disciplined as IDF marksman.

  3. friends:

    as to lon.

    he was the f.b.i.’s designated assassin. you don’t shoot anyone in the head at the distance he shot mrs. weaver by accident. simple fact.– you can see through a scope sight, you know what you are shooting.

    if he claimed otherwise, he was simply lying. the lie was for the consumption of the credulous.

    lon horiuchi murdered mrs. weaver, and i have no doubt that he would shoot a child. in my mind, he is nothing more than the f.b.i.’s version of a hezbollah shooter. and, an utter asshole.

    john jay
    136 s.e. 8th avenue
    milton freewater, oregon 97862

    p.s. when they sent horiuchi, they meant to kill people. simple as that.

  4. Joe,
    the pro’s connected with SOF magazine looked at Ruby Ridge, and they concluded that Lon’s spotter was most likely to have fired the shot (M-16/scope) that wounded the family friend (Harris?) at the door of the shed near the house. He and Randy had gone to check on the son’s body. It was in response to this shot that they were running back to the house, when Vicki opened the door to hasten their entering. They think the wounding shot of the friend was designed to flush them toward the house, and to bring Vicki into the open.
    Lon first claimed that he was tracking Randy after missing him at the shed (and hitting the friend) and then missed Randy at the door. The experts said that was total bull, considering the particular scope he was using, his training, and the short range.
    Their final conclusion was that Vicki was the #1 target that the .gov wanted eliminated, since she was considered the real power there.
    Classmates of Lon said that he was considered to be the most willing to kill to order of any shooters that the FBI had, and they weren’t surprised at the result.
    BTW, Lon was also at Waco, and his sniper hide had a fair collection of brass, after they cleared out.

    Actually, their final conclusion after both incidents was that the .gov was lying from start to finish.

    My conclusion on Waco is that EVERY .gov/.fed/.mil employee, even remotely connected with it, should meet up with a rope and a tall object.
    If that had occurred, our government would be dramatically different today. Personal accountability, or the lack there of, is the problem.

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