Quote of the day—Malcolm Wallop

The ruling class doesn’t care about public safety. Having made it very difficult for States and localities to police themselves, having left ordinary citizens with no choice but to protect themselves as best they can, they now try to take our guns away. In fact they blame us ad our guns for crime. This is so wrong that it cannot be an honest mistake.

Malcolm Wallop
March 8, 1997
1997 Conservative Political action Conference
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, DC.
[Via Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said About the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by Philip Mulivor.

Agreed, it is not an honest mistake. However, I’m not convinced that, in most cases, it is a deliberate act to enslave us or even increase our dependence upon the state. I believe that many of these people have various degrees of mental illness. Their own lives and thoughts are chaotic and they, probably unconsciously, seek out outside control/guidance. They view freedom as risky, unpredictable, and uncontrolled. They want the comforts of a strong, gentle, loving mother not realizing that government cannot be a mother substitute. As George Washington said:

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.

In times mostly past many of these people got their comfort and strong guidance from the church. That authority, when it reaches the level of a theocracy, has its own extreme hazards. The U.S. Constitutional principle of separation of church and state neutralized that particular threat in this country. But today many people have a faith based belief in the power of an omnipotent, omnipresent, and all loving government. This results in all the hazards of a theocracy because, for all intents and purposes, theirs is a religion based upon the worship of government.

For individuals to say they want the power, via the right to keep and bear arms, to defend against the government is akin to saying you want to challenge the gods. This is an unthinkable heresy to them and they want you punished.—Joe]


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  1. Joe I think the motivations are far more malevolent than you assert. Yes, there is some projection on their part, and yes, they are mentally deranged, but they mean to rule us and realize that they can’t do that completely as long as we have the means to defend ourselves against them
    They are the tyrants the Founders warned us about.

    • Some of them, yes. But I don’t think your average, run of the mill, useful idiot, anti-gun person is like that. And it is these we have a chance to “convert” and get them to vote for peace, prosperity, and freedom.

  2. I think you’ve placed the hammer head squarely on the head of the nail there, and I’ll elaborate a bit;
    “…I’m not convinced that, in most cases, it is a deliberate act to enslave us or even increase our dependence upon the state.”
    It isn’t, in most cases, deliberate, or fully cognizant. Rather it comes from a form of insecurity (as you put it; a form of insanity [not that any of us are immune]), and specifically a lack of confidence (look up the etymology of the word). There is a TENDENCY toward an end condition, which goes through stages (Progressions) of demoralization, stagnation, decline, slavery, lawlessness, chaos and mass destruction, more or less in that order and all driven by emotion, which is in opposition to reason. That tendency is served by people’s allegiance, and that allegiance can, as you say, be either more or less cognizant. That’s another way of saying that when it comes to the Dark Side, there are those who could be characterized more as perpetrators (the liars and schemers, the psychopathic power hungry) and then there are the more duped (those who tend to fall for the lies easily) which as I’ve been saying for a while, are hypnotized. Together, allied, they form an army of darkness which threatens to swallow up and convert everyone to its purpose.

    Developing an immunity to emotion-driven thinking and living then, is the only way to counter it— a personal allegiance to reason, or as the American founders put it (I know I’m speaking to an atheist, but that’s how they put it) an allegiance to God, i.e. confidence.

  3. friends:

    watch “a clockwork orange” again. you will understand it very much more completely seen from this vantage, as compared to when the film was released.

    when the film came out, most of us weren’t equipped to understand it. we are now. we see the state much more clearly, understand the motives of those who would “rule” us, much more completely.

    john jay

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