Just a little bit creepy

The QOTD yesterday was by Vladimir Lenin. And, as you might already know, every post made gets automatically Tweeted to my Twitter feed. By the end of the day I had two new followers on Twitter:


Yes, Lenin. The father of the USSR. The nation that murdered tens of millions of their own people and had tens of millions more in slave labor camps that persisted for many decades.

It’s possible these may be spam accounts but they are not mocking or disparaging him.

I find it just a little bit creepy.


5 thoughts on “Just a little bit creepy

  1. Remember, there are plenty of academics and other benighted individuals who admire Lenin and Stalin to this day. I think for the most part they just don’t understand how evil those two were. (And yes, probably some of them admire L and S knowing full well how evil they were, hoping to duplicate them.)
    There are also millions who still admire Hitler, but that’s different — in that case, it is because they know exactly what he did and approve of it. More on that subject at http://www.seraphicpress.com/

    • I changed the default “Mystery Man” icon as the default avatar for people that don’t have one to be a “MonsterID” generated from your email address. If it bothers you I can change it to something else, back to “Mystery Man”, or remove the entirely.

      I was checking out all the options and was amused by the one associated with Ubu52.

  2. There are also those who like to flaunt communist images as a means of appearing “rebellious” or being generally provocative. My brother in-law is one of them.

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