6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Quilty

  1. Saw a comment (Glenn Reynolds maybe) wondering when the left would accuse the Black Panthers for having small weiners for their open carry demonstration in Dallas. Heh. Also, enjoyed the grandson’s first steps video!

  2. Have you watched the T.M.I. episode of South Park yet? Season 15. It’s all Markley’s Law all the way through. Watch the whole thing. It’s only about 20 minutes.

    • It’s part of the long term war against masculinity– anything that smacks of bravado, masculinity, strength, capability, individual authority, et al, MUST be attacked and maligned. Anything resembling “manliness” in the eyes of a leftist must be portrayed as a sickness. It is a brand of the Dark Side. This is but one front in the multi-front, war against civilization.

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