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You see folks, gun control absolutely does work. Gun control laws turn those who may have been strong and independent citizens into weak and subservient members of the collective. Gun control laws give legal standing to the notion that the armed state is superior to the disarmed populace. In the end that was the unspoken goal of gun control all along.

Paul Markel
August 21, 2014
Gun Control Works
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. Similarly, prohibition also works. For years I marveled over that fact that “We” seemed not to have learned the lessons of alcohol Prohibition– it’s obvious that such laws lead directly to a degraded society in which criminal organizations are empowered and enriched at the expense of the average citizen and of liberty in general. Now I see that those lessons were learned very well indeed, which is why we now have more prohibitions and punitive tax schemes than ever.

    Likewise, the New Deal and the Great Society have been working extremely well in keeping a vast number of Americans in dependency, hopelessness, ignorance, frustration and anger (and voting for more coercive redistribution).

    Only in understanding these realities can we begin to understand what we face, and how to correct the situation.

    And don’t expect a political solution. Not for some years at least. I don’t believe there’s a single Republican alive who would so much as publicly acknowledge these problems for what they are, much less want to do anything to truly fix them.

    • Of course gun control works. “Works” is defined by your goal, and the goal of it isn’t what they state. I just wrote and posted a longer essay on the topic over at http://www.thestarscameback.com on the topic, connection reproduction strategies (which has a lot to do with world outlook), gun controls, rise and fall of civilizations, a book on evolutionary psychology and lib/conservative divide, and whatnot. (I put it there because of migration things here).

  2. Every genocide throughout human history has been preceded by disarming the intended group. That is a fact, you become a victim because you allow it to happen. Freedom and Liberty are expensive to hold on to and can only be kept by the vigilant.

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