Calling it ‘Ignorance’ is being generous

I had thought it was well understood that one of the tactics of the anti rights movement has been to blur the distinction between fully automatic and semi automatic firearms (the former being ultra-restricted and therefore ultra-expensive and prohibitive and the latter being widely available and affordable). Apparently I’ve been very wrong.

Coyness apparently remains one of the most successful ruses for the anti liberty movement, even today when we have so much information at our fingertips that ANYONE who cares enough to jiggle his fingers over a keyboard for a few seconds can learn just about anything that is known by anyone.

That proves that most of us in the pro-liberty camp still fail to understand what we’re up against.


It has been well-documented that anti-rights activists have spoken about, and organized efforts aimed at, confusing the issue of full verses semi auto, and yet we still would rather have fun pointing out the “stupidity” of people like Don Lemon. Well the joke’s on us, people.

More to the point though; if we were standing on principle, the distinction between full and semi wouldn’t matter. The Progressives have had most of us cowed for generations into accepting the NFA, and “defending” ourselves by accepting THEIR premise that, “Oh, well yeah– NO one wants machineguns ‘on the streets’! No-no-no-no!”

And so it’s an interesting play we’re in. The antis are using our own faults against us, by fooling people into making a distinction (which they’re trying to blur now) that only matters because they’ve been successful in fooling or intimidating us.

It’s the very definition of Progressivism. Get us comfortable with one outrage (in this case the NFA) and use that as a stepping stone to the next outrage (conflating semis with the already successfully demonized autos).

Far from calling Don Lemon an idiot or an ignoramus then, I’d say he’s pretty damned clever. So far he appears to have fooled 100% of the commenters on that Beck article.


7 thoughts on “Calling it ‘Ignorance’ is being generous

  1. lyle:

    lying, duplicitous bastards, aren’t they?

    the biggest lie is that they want to pose as if they are just like you and me, with no other agenda than to protect all of us from our many flaws. the truth is, all of them are little gestapo/kgb wannabes, and they dream of shooting some poor bastard in a cellar someplace. (underneath party headquarters is generally the preferred spot.)

    read “smolensk under soviet rule” by merle fainsod. it’s enlightening.

    john jay

  2. I have never accepted the fully auto vs semi auto argument. A bullet is a bullet no matter how many you shoot.
    I have said for years that it doesnt matter what I own, who I sleep with or what chemicals I put in my body, as long as I am not harming anyone with my actions, no government institution should be allowed the power to restrict my actions. As far as I am concerned I should be allowed and M1 Abrahms if I have the money and a place to operate it.

  3. Unless the zombie hoards are charging, if you have to pull the trigger more then once, you need more practice. OTOH full auto is seriouly fun.

    • You haven’t hunted big game, have you? I’ve seen a deer, with my own eyes, run near 45 yards with two blown lungs and a heart that was totally destroyed. Anarobic. The only blood flow would have been from muscle contractions other than the heart, and a lot of that would have been dumping into the heart/lung cavity and out the entry and exit wounds. That was a “one shot stop” alright, with a 50 caliber, soft lead ball (more energy than a typical 44 magnum load from a 7″ revolver), but the animal didn’t stop. It ran uphil and bounded over bushes in the process. The deerwas about the size and weight of an average man, or a little less. I’ve seen similar instances, many times. The only “dead right there with one shot” instance was when the ball glanced off the spine.

      Thus, in what I will now call my extensive experience in killing man-sized game, the ONLY “stop and drop right there” hit is a CNS hit. There are exceptions, I have been told first hand, but I have yet to ever see one. I lost count at fifteen deer between my son and I.

  4. This is why I keep saying you cannot — nay MUST not — accept statements of motive. Or attributions of motive. You must judge on the merits of behavior. There is no legitimate purpose to the disarmament of the populace.


  5. “You must judge on the merits of behavior.”

    Exactly, which is how, for example, you can prove beyond all shadow of doubt that the American left hates black people. Since all their policies, ostensibly designed to boost up, or “advance” people of color, the opposite of advancement has happened. Spectacular “failure” in fact has been the result. No one can deny it, and yet the left’s response is to double down. I no longer call it failure then– I call it success, because I now can see that the motivation behind it all has been hatred coupled with lust for power. As Whittle put it; they’d rather rule over ruins than disappear into obscurity in a prosperous, racially harmonious society.

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