8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lebek Johnson

  1. That’s the point of “more guns, less crime”.
    As Neil Smith and Neale Osborn put it, they support the death penalty only “at the scene and moment of the crime, at the hands of the intended victim”. And that is precisely the reason for putting more weapons into the hands of real people.

    • “putting”? “real people”? So you want a “Real Person’s Identification Committee” to pick out all the real people and then force them to keep firearms.

      I’m messing with you of course, but you said it, I didn’t.

      • I’ve wondered if issuing “Permits to Not Carry” would be a better system. I’m kind of divided.

  2. If passing a law equals solving a problem then sure; obviously we forgot to outlaw murder.

    Too bad also, that we have no laws preventing politicians from infringing on our rights. Such a new concept would be an interesting topic for discussion.

    • This novel idea of a law that would prohibit the political class from infringing on human rights is intriguing. As a basis for preliminary discussion, I suggest that such a law should limit the political sphere of society, such that the political class could only pass legislation on subjects explicitly authorized to it in the overarching law. We could call these explicit authorizations “enumerated powers.” Perhaps, to drive home the importance of this prohibition, we should refer to such a law as “the supreme Law of the Land,” or some such wording….

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