Quote of the day—labman​57

Whenever these gun-toting knuckleheads see the Target logo, they get all moist in the loins and have an uncontrollable desire to whip out their weaponry for all the world to see.

July 2, 2014
Comment to Big Win For Gun Control Groups: Target Bans Guns In Its Stores
[Emphasis in the original.

It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—labman​57

  1. Moist in the loins“? Wow. Dude must have been reading too many bodice-rippers recently. Haven’t heard that expression in a LONG time.

  2. If they were really all that concerned with penis-size they would be lobbying the Gov. for more subsidized help in that category, much the way Feminists do.
    Or they could just go buy a really big truck with a giant trailer and start hauling stuff – that’ll grow some faster than a gun.
    But it’s not really about that for them…

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