MAIG bribery

To be more specific, Mayors Against Illegal Guns member Gordon Jenkins, a New York, Democratic Mayor, was arrested on bribery charges. Not just ““bribe receiving” but also “endangering the public health” and “intimidating a witness in connection with an incident in Fallsburg.”

A fine, upstanding bunch of folks those gun controllers mayor Bloomberg hangs with are.


1 thought on “MAIG bribery

  1. Conspiring to deprive, of have a chilling effect upon, a constitutionally enumerated right is a crime. Having established that, and knowing that criminal behavior is rarely confined to one specific crime, there’s no surprise here.

    What you’re saying is “Criminals commit crimes!”

    Though it SHOULD come as no surprise, it still does to some people. The problem is that so many of us have fallen for a lie, and believing lies leads naturally to confusion. In this case, specifically, the lie is that politicians and law enforcement, when they swear an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and then set straight out to violate it, do so out of compassion.

    Believing that lie is no different from believing that a career bank robber, managing to get a job at a bank and “promising” to be a good boy so he can get his hands on the combination to the vault, would keep his promise.

    Progressives seek office, not to uphold and protect our American principles, but to destroy them and loot our wealth. It’s a pretty simple formula. Obviously then, they’re going to want us unarmed, same as the run-of-the-mill bank robber.

    NO ONE, regardless how he might twist and squirm in his attempts to rationalize it, would want to disarm you unless he intends to have his way with you against your will. The instant you hear anti-gun rights rhetoric, you know you’re dealing with a criminal or criminal-at-heart. It may be the nice lady next door with lovely grandchildren and nice flowers in her yard, but that bitch wants you on your knees.

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