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your all insane and don’t need to own a gun. #gunsense

kim launius ‏@kimmie8264
Tweeted on August 10, 2014
[As Linoge Tweeted in response, “It’s spelled “you’re”, and you don’t get to decide that. #gunsense #fail“.

This woman is a real gem. Here is the picture she uses for her Twitter profile:


And here is definitive proof she has crap for brains:


I case you have forgotten LBJ was a Democrat.

Don’t let anyone ever get away with telling you no one wants to take your guns.

And what is it with progressives and political violence? It must be because it’s the best chance they have for success. In the choice between brain and brawn they certainly do come up short on the brain side.—Joe]


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  1. Another loon. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook, so the examples that Joe posts here are my window into the barnyard of the Liberal/Progressive/Statist.

    They do seem to have a tendency to make sweeping generalizations, embrace absolutist positions and propose violence as a solution pretty quickly.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work.

    I never will let anyone tell me that they don’t want to take my guns away…


    Jeff B.

  2. They may come up short on the brain side, but that’s got to be a close call. I don’t notice a lot of brawn either, be it physical or moral.

    • Jeff Cooper described this as a conflict driven by envy, perpetrated by those who cannot cope against those who can. In that light, your comment makes perfect sense.

  3. It’s annoying if the people you want to get rid of have guns. I guess they never gave up on eugenics.

    • Indeed. There’s a reason why Stalin and Hitler started by taking people’s guns away.

  4. People in Kimmie’s situation are, potentially at least, some of the more committed future libertarians and anti Fascists. In my teens and early twenties I might have said things very similar to Kimmie’s comments. I was around during the Johnson administration and so I knew he was a Democrat, but other than that my attitude (and the media-promoted ignorance upon which it was based) was the same.

    This has happened to a lot of people– Once I realized that I’d been lied to all my life I had a complete turn-about. At first I was very angry for having been manipulated by the left to such an extent, and so made into a fool. A fool and a tool. Then I was motivated into exposing the lie, and the truth. Once I became aware of the concept of being guided by principles, I realized that the Republican Party is worthless at best.

    Now I’m beginning to realize that both parties actually believe that the “right” candidate will be the next Messiah. I just heard a Republican say this morning; “{If we can get the right candidate for president] He can, with the help of God, restore the soul of this nation.” That was said to Glenn Beck by a Republican Congressman, and it went right by him without notice. Not even a blink. The same thing was said about Obama (“Our Lord and Savior”). It is clear to me that the Parties and their followers are insane. If you put your faith in either one of them, that makes you insane as well.

    It’s up to us, Folks. There’s no one else left, and that means we’re pretty well screwed.

    Anyway; go easy on people. Lighten up on the brow-beating and insults— It may be emotionally satisfying at the moment but it does no one any good. They are casualties in an all-out psychological war of demoralization against the Western, Judeo/Christian culture. Don’t beat up on the casualties. Heal their wounds. De-escalate. Guide them gently with truths that are easily verified. They may just turn out to be your strongest allies. Either that or you may have to kill them once they’ve joined a gang and set out after you. Which would you rather?

  5. “It’s up to us, Folks. There’s no one else left, and that means we’re pretty well screwed.”

    Au contraire, my friend. It’s always been up to us. There never has been anyone else left. The leaders we’ve had who have been truly effective, both good and bad, have been those who realized that they, as leaders, were utterly powerless unless they convinced US, the people, to go along.
    The truly great leaders are almost always normal men, cognizant of their normalcy, who differ only in the willingness to step forward and inspire. The “chosen ones,” those who set themselves apart, the Obamas, the McCains, the Romneys, the Shrillaries, they are no leaders at all, for they are NOT common or normal; as a rule, they are failures.

    One thing is true: we cannot wait for someone to be set apart as our leader. We have to step forward and lead. It IS only us now. It always has been, and we struggle and suffer when we forget that.

    • Well said. There is the appearance of a conflict of logic here then. Are we to live our own lives as we would, or have our lives de-railed by spending our time and energy responding to attacks? Surely, de-railing our lives is the enemy’s goal. Or is there in reality no conflict at all, “our own lives” being for the purpose of standing up for what is good? Does peace lie in the absence of attack or does it lie in the ability and willingness to stand unflinching when faced with evil?

      Can there be courage without danger, virtue without temptation, victory without contest, light without darkness, or salvation without misery?

      But I just want to tend my garden, see to my family, build my little projects and take the dog for a walk now and then. Show me the enemy that I might slay him and get on minding my own business.

      But he’s a sly one, isn’t he, and so proud of it?

      Is the desire for peace itself a temptation and a distraction? Can a man “lust for peace” so much that he is either deprived of it or, having it, he fails to see it or it fails to satisfy him?

    • Great observation. I’m saving that one in my “quoted to remember” file.

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