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The only crazy people here are the paranoid gun nuts who are nothing but a bunch of thugs trying to intimidate everyone with threats of violence because they are cowards.

Comment to Bullets to the head: Why James Brady’s shooting led to gun control, but Gabby Giffords’s did not
[All the “gun nuts” I know just want to be left alone. The thugs are those that want to take guns from peaceable people.

As for cowards, I don’t see Medicine4theDead using his real name or offering to take point to take the guns from all those paranoid gun nuts. I wonder why that is.—Joe]


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  1. Or even helping groups like the Brady Campaign (which I doubt will see 2020 before closing it’s office, and just having the website being run by volunteers, and Dan Gross disappearing after his paychecks start bouncing Air America-style) and The Bloomberg groups which it will be interesting to see how long they last as Mikey Bloomberg is the only person who is funding it, and he’s got a hell of a burn rate for zero gain.

    Anti-gun groups are dying because the anti-gun version of the “Chairborne Ranger” is all they have for support. Government representatives certainly don’t take that form of activism very seriously.

  2. Medicine4theDead’s argument seems to be that we gun rights activists are paranoid because we think the antis are trying to take our guns.

    And because of our delusional paranoia… They should take our guns.

  3. You do a great service by collecting all this hatred and letting us know our enemy. Keep it up.

  4. And they’re calling Brady’s death a homicide.
    That’s like blaming your high school sweetheart, who you haven’t seen since graduation, for the bad case of clap you finally contracted after banging hookers for the last 33 years.
    Where do these people come up with this bullshit?
    They are definitely insane.

    • Brady was undoubtedly on a CSRS/OWCP disability pension, but this doesn’t have too much to do with the following, other than he was a civil service ‘retiree’.

      The beneficiaries of civil service employees who die on the job, or because of a job related injury (there’s no statutory time limit that I was able to find on a short search) also get a CSRS death benefit the amount of which would depend on Brady’s pay and length of service, etc.

      Retired employees who die without it being work related get jack.

      The Brady family probably couldn’t care less about Hinckley as he was adjudicated insane for the whole shooting.

      However, I’d bet that they had most carefully researched the benefits available for survivors of civil service employees who die of a work related injury.

      *What! Me cynical?*

      • Miles, you may be on to something there, I doubt a bill for a private pension would pass the Congress; Sara Brady isn’t getting much of a salary from HCI or whatever her boondoggle is called today, so this may be a sort of favor to her to get a bigger pension than a member of the hoi polloi would get under the same circumstances.
        There is no doubt that “but for” causation is met here, but the law wants to put a limit to liability under such wide-ranging ideas of causation, and I doubt John Hinckley’s parents will sit still for a second trial under such sketchy circumstances.

        But OTOH, think of the precedent here for all the other victims of violent crime. Damien “Football” Williams should be shaking in his shoes hoping that Reginald Denney shuffles off this mortal coil before John Hinkley’s case gets to the Supreme Court.

  5. So, the cowardly bunch of thugs who try to intimidate everyone on the various small government free market liberty websites are really paranoid gun nuts?
    So then the people who like to shoot targets and hunt but who have noticed the efforts of certain people to disarm them and are therefore not *paranoid* and not the ones referred to?

  6. Anyone that can observe the situation in America of the deteriorating relationship between the People’s Freedom and Liberty and the government is either a fool or brain dead, in the case of Liberals it is both. If someone IS plotting against you are not paranoid.

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