Quote of the day—James Binder

Call or e-mail your Congress member and demand that he or she support a child’s right to a secure environment and vote for legislation that eliminates firearm possession.

James Binder
August 3, 2014
James Binder: Children, families safer in homes without guns
[H/T Thirdpower.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James Binder

  1. James, have you looked at the situation in Chicago ? It is clear that virtually eliminating firearms ownership has NOT elevated children’s safety. Does your single brain cell ever get lonely ?

  2. “Secure Environments” like Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, The Trolly Square Mall, the Washington Navy Yard, Columbine HS, the Fex Ex Airport Transfer warehouse. The list goes on…

    Couple in Cities like Chicago, and States like New Jersey, and California and really this person’s motivations is NOT public safety, as they claim, but eliminating firearms ownership for personal political means.

  3. Magical thinking. He confuses passing a law with real-world events. and further confuses desired results with real-world incentives, motives, and actual outcomes. (see: war on drugs)

  4. Like all other words and terms turned on their heads by Progressives, “Secure Environment” now means;
    “Government running amok, banning, brutalizing and confiscating in defiance of the constitution and of human rights”

    The Bill of Rights defines a secure environment– One in which people are secure in their persons, property, papers and effects, one in which we are safe and secure against government encroachment in general. The primary means of enforcing that security is an armed populace, skilled in the use of their arms.

    Without a general understanding of the American Principles of Liberty however, no amount of guns, ammo or shooting skill can improve the overall situation. Therefore it would seem that our primary “weapon” is understanding.

    Stu on theBlaze recently said that patriotism isn’t a love for a particular red, white and blue color scheme. Nor does it have anything to do with real estate. Patriotism is first an understanding and a love for the protection of the rights of Man as defined in our founding documents.

    It is the understanding and love of the ideal, quite apart from the question of how well that ideal has been upheld by others in the past.

  5. Call or e-mail your Congress member and demand that he or she support a child’s right to a prosperous, secure and happy future –ALIVE, and vote for legislation that ignores EVERYTHING James Binder and those he supports ever said or ever will say, in perpetuity.

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