Gun cartoon of the day


This is so absurd that it doesn’t even qualify as a straw man.

But this is what they think of you and want others to think of you. I can only think of one reason for this. It’s propaganda to justify treating us as less than human.

It’s what to expect from statists:

Tsar, priests and the rich on the shoulders of workers

“Rats. Destroy Them,” a 1940s poster from occupied Denmark


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. I’m surprised the caricature artist didn’t draw the NRA guy as morbidly obese. That seems to be a popular meme among the collectivists.

    • Must cover all the bases. Not everyone is fat. Certainly the evil rich puller of strings with the over-flowing bag of cash must be fat, but not necessarily the stupid (always sickeningly stupid of course) redneck pawn of the Triangle of Death. Plenty of us are fit enough– we get exercise beating our wives, kids and dogs, and yelling at people who don’t look like us, and since we spend so much on beer and ammo, we can’t always afford to eat.

      In this case the cartoon man is old, white of course, and carrying a gun. The artist left out the beer, the 4 x 4 pickup, the abused wife (though she may be one of the mounts) and the American federal and/or Confederate flag and GOP pin, but you can’t always get everything into one frame. A couple of flies buzzing around his head would have been a nice, simple touch though. Placing a grinning Jew or a Bible-thumper in the background isn’t far behind. Look for it.

      I wonder about the smoking gun. Either he’s the fastest taxidermist in the universe or there’s at least one more victim out-of-frame.

  2. Tsar, priests and the rich on the shoulders of workers– that’s the result (I say the goal) of collectivism. When unmoored from principles, angered by years of injustice, the people rise up in violence and supplant their masters, resulting in an even more oppressive and murderous regime. That’s the ultimate degradation, and it describes most of the world. It can happen virtually overnight.

  3. One of the political cartoonists (whose name escapes me) added to the meme by making the gun owner morbidly obese with missing teeth, a flannel shirt, suspenders with a belt and either a Fudd hat or drawing the gunnie as a pinhead.

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