Quote of the day—Barb L.

If anyone gives you any more t-shirts I’m going to put a stake through their heart.

Barb L.
July 27, 2014
[See here for background. Present context is deliberately withheld.

Send them to the address listed here. I’ll anonymize the source and take care of things from there.



11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Barb L.

      • What a great shirt! It was received today. I so appreciate and respect Fire and Rescue teams. Maybe that shirt can be lured away from Joe for me. Bwah ha ha (my best evil laugh).

  1. A stake through the heart seems a bit harsh, that is unless it be a vampire giving you a T-shirt in which case I approve, T-shirt giver or no. Your friend seems to have taken an unnecessary interest the number of shirts you own though. There would seem to be better hills on which to die, so to speak, or to make death threats.

    Now, to drive a stake through one’s heart, you must first subdue your subject. That is not a simple proposition; not to be taken lightly. Then there is the sternum in the way, or the ribs if you go at an angle. Best have a good sharp, hard, stake.

  2. Crap. It just dawned on me that you will have trouble wearing the shirt I just sent and “anonymizing the source.” You’ll understand when you get it.

    Oh, what the hell. If she stakes me, she’ll be doing me a favor.

  3. Hi Joe,

    Here’s a couple of solutions:

    1. Give (or bring) the shirts to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous for door prizes.
    2. Give them to me! Can’t have too many cool shirts!!

    – Mr. C.

    • I’m keeping all the cool or historically interesting shirts. I’m throwing out a lot of shirts that are worn out or the wrong size.

      • What, none that she’ll wear?
        I just discovered that David Weber sells a few Honor Harrington shirts and hoodies. Maybe she would wear a strong female character commemorating shirt.

        • Even though she is over six feet tall she wears a size small (I sometimes say she has surface to mass ratio approaching infinity). Nothing I have comes even close to fitting her.

          I suppose if someone wanted to be particularly “evil” they could send us matching t-shirts…

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