Quote of the day—Anthony S.

Socialized healthcare is affordable – it’s called soylent green.

Anthony S.
July 31, 2014
From the gun email list at work.
[If this doesn’t make any sense to you then watch the movie.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Anthony S.

  1. There’s gotta be a bad joke in there about Obamacare and a zombie Charlton Heston. BTW, I got a 503 error on the first try.

  2. The communists and their clueless followers have been saying “Eat the rich!” and I’m pretty sure they mean it. By “rich” of course they mean anyone in possession of that luxury known as the ability to breathe.

    • Someone with the ability to breathe but without that thing that Rod Steiger’s character in Dr. Zhivago said kept him alive through the revolution, which was usefulness to the regime.

      Soylent Green wasn’t called what it really was, and the Death Panels which decide who gets the scarce resource of medical care without being filtered through the free market and the ability to pay won’t be called Death Panels. They might be called “Resource Allocation Boards”, unless that sounds too ominous.

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