Gun cartoon of the day


This is what they think of the NRA and gun owners who stand up for their rights.

Perhaps they think it is about money.

Or they cannot comprehend that we have principles regarding the Bill of Rights.

Or they cannot comprehend that guns are also used to protect innocent life.

Or maybe they know better and just want us to not be able to protect ourselves.

In any case they must not succeed.


4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. joe:

    i don’t really give a hoot in hell what they think of me. i have rather more concern about what i think about them.

    they can eat rocks, as far as i am concerned.

    john jay

    • The reason I do it is because it motivates some people to be more active when they realize how misguided (or malicious) our opponents are.

  2. I wonder why no one accuses Canon or other camera makers of using Congress to enable child porn producers. What we need is camera control!!!

    • Careful what you suggest in jest. There are already people thinking seriously of it. Look for example at the number of cops who freak out and lose control when they realize they’re being recorded by their prey. It would not be terribly difficult to drum up the support of several million zombies (Progressive dupes) to go along with camera restriction laws.

      Look, Man; if that douche in New York could get a law through to ban large sodas, then ANYTHING goes. That was what we call a “shark bump”. The enemy doesn’t care a whit about sodas. Get it?

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