Here is a website devoted just to mocking anti-gun people modeled after the Onion. For example; in regard to D.C. suddenly becoming Constitional Carry they posted Washington, D.C. area-rapist “staying in tonight” totally unrelated to Washington, D.C. area-residents “carrying guns legally”:

When asked about his routine, area-rapist Dan stated that, “Normally, Friday nights are ideal for my pastime, but right now, gosh, my kitchen’s spice-rack is a jumbled disaster and I should probably straighten that situation out instead of doing rape-stuff.”

The fact that he could now be shot and killed by a woman defending herself apparently has nothing to do with his homebound plans for the night. “Nah, it’s absolutely TOTALLY not that…besides my cat also seems a little pensive lately. I really ought to stay home and soothe Señor Boom-Boom and not go out to rape people.”


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  1. I once wrote a parody news article discussing a school shooting in Washington D.C. being stopped by a drug dealer; the dealer was amused at first, but then realized that the shooter was trying to kill his customers, and decided to stop him from doing so.

    I can’t remember what I did with that parody; it was written years ago. If I could work up the motivation to do so, perhaps I should put it on my blog…

    (In thinking about this, I suppose one lesson we could take from my parody would have been that if peaceable citizens are prohibited from carrying guns, we must rely on the criminal elements to protect us. And yes, I think I’ll include police as “criminal elements”, at least to the extent that if they are enforcing gun bans, then they are acting criminally…to say nothing of corrupt behavior that’s all too common in police departments!)

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