Progress on Fast and Furious

This just now in the news via Katie Pavlich. BREAKING: Judge Orders DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Documents Withheld From Congress Under Obama Executive Privilege Claim:

This order forces the Obama DOJ, for the first time, to provide a detailed listing of all documents that it has withheld from Congress and the American people for years about the deadly Fast and Furious gun running scandal,” Judicial Watch released in a statement.

It doesn’t mean the DOJ has to turn over the documents being requested. It just means they have to give a list of all the documents and the reasons they were withheld. The judge and the FOIA requester can then evaluate the justification for withholding them. It’s a step in the right direction. It’s still a long and difficult trail before anyone in the DOJ or Whitehouse goes to jail over this.


3 thoughts on “Progress on Fast and Furious

  1. Darn! I was excited by the headline, which isn’t entirely accurate.

    Headline: Judge orders DOJ to release documents….
    Article: Judge orders DOJ to release a list of the documents….

    There’s a difference. Still, it IS a good first step.

  2. I for one do not believe any incriminating documents still exist. Obama, Holder and Company have had ample time to see to that. This is therefore a dog and pony show. Have some popcorn.

    The Democrats are against us and the Republicans are against us. If not morally against us, the Republicans are cowed and afraid. Together they control the courts that matter in this case. That is more than enough to settle the matter, for sure.

    The rule of law has been utterly broken and discredited at the federal level, and it hangs by a thread at state and local levels. It is a fool’s hope to look to government for solutions in either case. It’s up to is. If the people will lead, the government may follow. If not, well you get what you allowed into your front door. Nice knowin’ ya.

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