Interesting Mideast development

From CNN:

“Israel’s ongoing battle against Hamas is part of a wider regional war on the Muslim Brotherhood,” says the Soufan Group, which tracks global security. “Most Arab states share Israel’s determination to finish the movement off once and for all, but they are unlikely to be successful.”

“From the perspective of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and some other Arab states, what the Israeli Prime Minister is doing is fighting this war against Hamas on their behalf so they can finish the last stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Younes says.

“Arab governments and official Arab media have all but adopted the Israeli view of who is a terrorist and who is not. Egyptian and Saudi-owned media are liberal in labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as ‘terrorists’ and describing Hamas as a ‘terrorist organization.’ It’s a complete turnabout from the past, when Arab states fought Israel and the U.S. in the international organizations on the definition of terrorism, and who is a terrorist or a ‘freedom fighter.'”

So most Arabs states would regard the people I took pictures of the other day as on the same side as terrorists? That gives me some comfort. Or at least not as much discomfort.

Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are threats to nearly all peaceful societies. I’m all for Israeli finishing the job this time and if the other Arab states contribute to the extermination of their culture of terror then more power to them.


3 thoughts on “Interesting Mideast development

  1. I don’t see any signs supporting Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood in the photos you took the other day. I do see people wanting the end of the killing of innocent civilians — which a lot of people would like, Jews and Muslims alike.

    You don’t see a distinction between the two? You believe all Palestinians are members of Hamas? You don’t believe there are any innocent civilians in Gaza?

    • I saw the classic antisemitic slogans of “Israeli occupation” and “Israeli war crimes”.

      Yes, there are innocent civilians there. There are also guilty civilians there, as well as terrorists and other barbarians. Given the outcome of the last election, it’s debatable whether the innocent are a minority or a majority.

  2. The Arab governments are finally admitting that the Muslim Brotherhood IS a terrorist organization because of the Arab Spring. The governments realize that they cannot control the fanatics that they invented.

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